The Youth Congress

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Home Programmes
Human Rights, Governance and Justice

Strategic Objective

Increased respect for good governance and youth’s human rights

Problem Statement

Bad governance and violation of youth human rights leads to exclusion, impoverishment, Indignity and insecurity

Key Campaign Areas (2010-2011)

Campaign area 1: Accountability for youth development

Campaign area 2: People’s manifesto for enhanced youth and Citizens’ participation in governance

Campaign area 3: Youth leadership and representation for growth and development

Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

Strategic Objective:

Youth actively engaged in promoting peace and conflict prevention and transformation through non-violent means and dialogue and addressing root causes of problems.

Problem Statement:

Intolerance of diversity is a social cancer in the country that leads to violent flare-ups usually in the form of ethnic conflicts. This elevates violence especially by youth to a preferred solution to conflicts instead of dialogue and other peaceful means of conflict transformation.

Key Campaign Areas (2010- 2011)

Campaign area 1: Restoration of Youth Dignity through Truth Justice and Reconciliation

Campaign area 2: Enhance peace among the youth through Active Non- Violence

Campaign area 3: Youth for social transformation and development

Talent, Capacity and Economic Development

Problem Statement:

Unemployment and limited formal employment opportunities and lack of resources to generate self-employment has led to decay of youth capacities and diversion of their energies to unproductive, wasteful and often illegal activities such as drug and substance abuse.

Strategic Objective:

Stimulate both female and male youth to apply and realize their potential and to utilize their, talents and skills for economic development.

Key Campaign Areas (2010- 2011)

Campaign area 1: Breaking barrier to youth entrepreneurship

Campaign area 2: Talent expression and recognition

Campaign area 3: Connecting youth beyond boarders and Boundaries.

Institutional Development

Strategic Objective:

Strengthen The Youth Congress as a vibrant effective and responsive Youth Organization with increased number of affiliated Youths and Youth organization.

Problem Statement:

The lacuna and lack of a vibrant youth organization that is independent, responsive, and effective to facilitate youth agency in Kenya with a strong ideology and philosophy has led to neglect of youth constituency and issues. The youth are mobilized but never organized to engage in real action thus most of the social capital is harvested by a few self seekers, especially politicians

Key Campaign Areas (2010- 2011)

Campaign area 1: Mobilization of resources and structural set up

Campaign area 2: Governance and administration

Campaign area 3: Crystallization of youth movement.


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